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Recording field data while in Cubadak, Sumatra, Indonesia

A site for my occasional musings on academia, science and marine biology (and baseball in season).

Current Posts:

Critical reading about extinction….

E3B is hiring

Grad School Essay Writing Tips

Diversity and Digitization in Museum Collections

Older Posts:

PhD. application time

Defending Collections

A Shark From the Past

Shifting Baselines and Why We Got a Paper Wrong

TedEd Talk

Review of the Museum of Math

Why you should get a Master’s first

Fire on the Top End

Unprepared For Class

Reaching out to communicators pt. 1

Gender influences in conference participation

Staying positive while busy (e.g. news in the Drew Lab)

On Authorship

March Madness Mammal Style

Guest blogging

Men in the Movement

What Childhood Should Sound Like

On sexual assault and invisibility

This summer’s research and tweeting an expedition

Running an expedition as a PI

Summer is networking season

Back from Fiji – quick thoughts

#ICCB 2013 Highlights: Nautiluses, Deep Reef Endemics and New Twitter paper

Transitioning to Grad School

This one matters to me

The Worst Part is not.. (Guest Blog)

Impostor Syndrome

A new way to see… Mantis shrimp

Science in the City: Guest Post by Allison Roth

10 reasons why you should read (non-scientific) literature – Guest Post by Amy Wray

Science in the city: Guest post by Erin Eastwood  (link to her site)

Focus on MA research- Surgeonfish and microbes by Molly McCargar

Science in the City: From South Africa to New York

Research Blog: Hummingbird health

Ms. Roth and her fighting monkeys

Research Blog: The Phylogenetics of Community Assembly

Science in the city – Ethnobotany style

Science (outside) the city. Natalie Bray goes upstate

Canine Play

How soil rebounds from disturbance by Natalie Bray

On New York and Carbonara by Amy McDermott

Science (slightly outside) the City: Going to Museums by Amy McDermott

Fighting Sexism while on Spring Break

The importance of understanding territoriality in conservation – Allison Roth

Social Justice and Conservation in New York City by Cynthia Malone

Quiz: How much of a vampire bat are you? by Amy Wray

The Global Turtle Trade Hits Home by Amanda Sigouin

Environmental impacts on mice gut microflora by Erin Dimech

On doing science in zoos by Erin Dimech

Science in the city – Birding and Citizen Science in NYC by Amanda Sigouin

Evaluating our broader impacts

Practice Practice Practice

Guest Post: Trailing spouses, gendered norms and leaking pipelines of support

Drew Lab in the Field

Phenotypic Plasticity in Plants. Guest blog by Eric Yee

Building a collection with bird sweaters

Genomics of Darwin’s Finches by Luke Musher

I refuse to be accustomed 

The story behind the story: Community assembly in PNG reef fish

New paper – The use of historical ecology in marine conservation 


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