The Drew Lab at Columbia University


10403135_10152326399706845_4334812497099992446_nI am a faculty member in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology at Columbia University.  Here, I teach, conduct research on the evolution and conservation of aquatic tropical  biodiversity, and direct our MA in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology program.

Here you can learn about current research in my lab, the classes I teach, my current students, and our occasional musings. For my CV and lab contact information, please click here.


This April I will be joining a Union of Concerned Scientists delegation traveling to Washington, D.C. to meet with congressional staffers to reiterate the importance of climate change research and the need to continue to support funding that research.

It’s here! March Mammal Madness is back for another year and I’ll be running a few battles this year. We’re getting good press coverage again, including probably the only way I’ll ever get in Deadpan. Ooh and we got the NPR nod this year as well as the Gizmodo bump.

I wrote this letter to my students after the election, then talked to the Washington Post about the future of science in a Trump presidency.

My work on the historical ecology of 19th century American Whalers was covered in The AtlanticMental Floss and Hakai Magazine. I love the infographic the latter produced:

infographic-yankee-whaling3Undergraduate student, Karen J. Bao, and I have published Karen’s undergraduate honor’s thesis on shifting baselines, giant clams, and invertebrate fisheries in Fiji.  When she’s not publishing science fiction novels, Karen was able to interview three generations of Fijian community members to look at how what perceptions of “natural” have changed over time