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New projects for students interested in the Drew Lab

I am currently looking for a talented student to join the lab as Masters students to work on the following project: Shark Tooth Weapons:Fig2small Our previous research has shown that the reefs of the central Pacific harboured a greater diversity of sharks than we previously thought. However there is much work left to be done. This student’s project would have two main foci. First, using the ichthyology holdings at the American Museum of Natural History, the student would construct a filed guide to the sharks of the central Pacific with a special emphasis on a product that is clear, crisp and easy to use. This guide would include information on both the biogeography and conservation of the species and would have good illustrations of the teeth of these sharks. The second focus would be to then explore the anthropology holdings of the AMNH, as well as collections in Boston, New Haven, Philadelphia and Washington to look at existing shark tooth weapons in museum collections to fully explore the diversity of sharks that were present in the Gilbert Islands in the 1840s-1880s.  This project would have a strong conservation and historical ecology aspect and would be great for a student interested in the intersection of cultural and biological diversity. Strong illustration skills would be a plus as would experience working with sharks and or Pacific Islanders. If you are interested in applying to the MA in Conservation Biology at Columbia to work with my lab on this project please feel free to contact me at

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