Hi folks

Just a quick note that I’ve not abdicated on my blogging duties, rather I’ve got two guest blogs in the works. I will be up on the SpotON blog writing about how and why I live tweet expeditions. Simultaneously because of the good response I got from my sexual assault piece I will (anonymously) be featured on Christa Desir‘s blog in her week long “Men in the Movement” about the role that men can have in confronting rape culture.  I’ll be sure to let you know when these things are live.

Other good news. I am now officially a scientist with the American Museum of Natural History and will be moving the lion’s share of my laboratory work down to 79th street. I’m incredibly excited for this, it’s a fantastic place and it means great opportunities for me and my students.

Baseball has started. This delights me to the core.12502_10151366265926845_1484469388_n

The local pizza place has started serving an Oreo stuffed pizza covered with chocolate and strawberries. This both amazes and horrifies me at the same time.