Please find below the papers we will be reading for our retreat: Remember we will have three sessions at the retreat. We can rotate among the topics. The goals here are to 1) learn more about some of the research the faculty is working on, 2) see how these topic can help influence your own potential research and 3) get into the habit of reading papers outside of a strictly classroom settings.

Biodiveristy & Ecosystem Functioning: Naeem et al Ecotron Nature 1994 Naeem et al Science 2012

Conservation & Poverty: conservation and poverty Redpath et al. 2012

Conservation Genetics: Blair, Gutierrez & Melnick 2013 (137) GoldsteinETal2000ConservBiolV14n1pp120-131 (@marye_blair)

Diversity and Disturbance: Clark and Johnston 2011 Stachowicz and Byrnes 2006 (@jebyrnes)

Human Evolution: Cann_Stoneking_Wilson_1987_mtDNA Wall_et_al_2013_Neandertal_ancestry_EAsians_&Europeans

Marine Phylogeography: Roberts et al. (2002) Drew & Barber 2012 (@drew_lab)

Microbial Ecology: Brucker and Bordenstein (2013) Orsi et al. (2013) (@Symbionticism and @subsurface_life)

Plant Ecophysiology: Haskel et al 2013 Larigauderie and Korner 1976

Science Communication and Outreach: Bik and Goldstein (2013) Darling et al. (2013) (@dr_bik @MiriamGoldste) and (@emilysdarling @whysharksmatter @redlipblenny and @Drew_Lab)

Sexual Selection: Maia et al. 2013, PNAS Ruebnstein and Hauber 2007, TREE (@hylopsar)

Socioecology: CluttonBrock and Janson (2012) Jarman 1974

Urban Ecology: Knapp et al 2012 McDonnell and Pickett 1990 Ecology