This has been a challenging week. Due to the confluence of several big events I find myself feeling a little behind at almost everything this week. In part this is because I decided to take two nights off for my and my wife’s birthday. Throw in a prospective student visit and coordinating several other prospective visits and suddenly I’m working on a very short time horizon.  It’s ok, everyone is busy and there’s no real use in complaining about it. Let’s focus on the positive. 

We sent out acceptances to our MA in Conservation Biology program to several students this week, and I’m glad to say that we have already heard back from a couple of students already, including one (Molly) who will be joining my lab.

Molly joins us from the Boston University Marine Program, where I did my Ph.D. We shared several professors and their glowing recommendations, coupled with her bringing her A game to her interview made the decision to admit her very easy. While we haven’t nailed down the specifics of her project yet, we are thinking of exploring the ecological implications of fish microbiomes.

In other good news our Shark Tooth Weapon paper has finally been accepted to PLOS and we sent off the proofs. Hopefully it will be published shortly. In this spirit of open access we have submitted all the source data (e.g. >540 photos of shark tooth weapons) to Dryad (an on-line digital data repository). They are CC0, which means you can do with them what you want. While I would appreciate you citing the paper, or at least acknowledging the work that went into collecting the photos you are under no legal obligation to do so. I am excited to see what people might do with these. Artists, lecturers, graphic designers, have at ‘em. I love the idea of bringing these wonderful objects to a broader audience, and Dryad allows me to do that.

There’s much more going on, but as I mentioned time is pressing. I write this however, because I am making my students blog (and they’re supposed to be doing it every week, I should check in on how they’re doing with that).  I want them to get into the habit of writing and hope that they see that if I can find the time to write, they can too.

Thanks. More science next week I assure you